Structured Finance


BOT Lease providing non-recourse loans and investment in anonymous partnerships to also support this leasing scheme by separating customer assets and businesses through use of a SPC (Special Purpose Company), indirectly providing funding to customers through borrowing and issuance of marketable securities from the SPC’s financial institution.

Scheme Diagram

Structured Finance (for real estate, energy, and health-care)


1. New Business Financing Support

When attempting to launch a new business, it may be difficult to acquire financing due to reasons such as lack of creditworthiness and not having a business track record. In this type of situation, by assigning specific assets and businesses that produce future cash flow to the SPC, such future cash flow can be used as leverage for financing.

2. Financial Indicator Improvement Support

Recording assets and liabilities related to large investments on your balance sheet is known to have a negative effect on financial indicators. Using the SPC scheme prevents financial indicators from being negatively affected since these items are taken off from your balance sheet.

3. SPC Business Support

BOT Lease also has a special team which handles SPC business management. The team has a long extensive track record and experience primarily in the SPC business management contracting field for real estate liquidation and is capable of providing support in other fields as well, not only financing.

Targeted Businesses

Real estate(including office buildings, logistic facilities, and residential buildings), energy facilities for solar power companies and other businesses, and nursing home facilities

Contact Information

Structured Finance Division(for energy related business)
Real Estate Finance Division(for real estate liquidation)
Operations Services Division
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