Environmental Materiality

Addressing climate change and environmental protection - Achieve carbon neutrality-

Environmental Philosophy

BOT Lease Co., Ltd. recognizes "Addressing climate change and environmental protection - Achieve carbon neutrality -" as a matter of materiality in the environmental field. We will contribute to addressing climate change and protecting the global environment through our business activities

Environmental Policy

1.Compliance with laws and regulations

We will comply with various environment-related requirements we have agreed to, in addition to laws and regulations related to the environment, including those related to waste disposal.

2.Contribution to the creation of a recycling-oriented society

We will continuously promote the 3Rs (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle) in our business activities, centered on leasing and financial services, and strive to reduce the generation of waste and dispose waste appropriately, thereby contributing to the creation of a recycling-oriented society.

3.Contribution to the realization of a carbon-free society

We will contribute to the achievement of a carbon-free society by promoting initiatives related to renewable energy and energy-saving/fuel-saving assets to reduce emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

4.Continuous Efforts

We will set environmental targets, implement environmental protection activities, and provide feedback on the results to work on continuous review and improvement and prevention of pollution.

5.Enhancement of environmental awareness

We will enhance awareness of environmental issues by thoroughly disseminating our environmental policy to all employees, widely supporting their individual voluntary efforts to improve the environment.

6.Disclosure of Environmental Policy

Our "Environmental Philosophy and Environmental Policy” are published both internally and externally.

BOT Lease Co., Ltd.

Environmental Targets for FY2023

1.Promote initiatives related to renewable energy and energy- and fuel-efficient properties

We aim to expand the supply of green energy through renewable energy power generation projects, mainly solar power generation facilities, and promote initiatives for energy- and fuel-efficient properties, as well as expand business opportunities in decarbonization and next-generation energy-related businesses.

  • ・Expansion of green energy supply through renewable energy power generation projects
    • FY2022 results: 145 MW (power generation capacity including existing one)
  • ・ZEB (Net Zero Energy Building) and ZEH (Net Zero Energy House) building initiatives Promotion
    • FY2022 results: 3

  • ・Support for decarbonization efforts with Joint Crediting Mechanism
    • FY2022 results: We have contributed to JCM promotional activities by speaking at its seminars in countries where our overseas subsidiaries have been established.

  • ・Promote financing for trucks that achieve high fuel efficiency standards (*).
      (* Achievement of at least 10% of the FY 2015 fuel efficiency standards)

Related SDGs

2.Prohibit credit transactions that have a significant adverse impact on the global environment

We do not engage in credit transactions that have a significant adverse impact on the global environment. When extending credit to a business that may have a significant impact on the global environment, we will determine our response after confirming that the business is fulfilling its social responsibilities, such as giving appropriate consideration to environmental issues in accordance with laws, regulations, and practices generally accepted internationally or locally.

Related SDGs

3.Reduce Our Own Environmental Impact

BOT Lease Co., Ltd. has been engaged in continuous activities with the aim to reduce environmental burdens and protect the environment. First of all, we have calculated GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions to visualize our own environmental impact.

ⅰ.GHG emissions Scope 1 and 2

Since last year, we have calculated and disclosed the amount of GHG emissions from vehicles used by our company (domestic headquarters and branches) (Scope 1) and the amount of GHG emissions from electricity used (Scope 2).

Results for FY2021 and FY2022

(t-CO2) 2021 2022 Increase/
Scope 1 33 44 11
Scope 2 201 129 -72
Total 234 173 -61
  • ・Scope 1 results increased from the previous year due to the addition of rental cars and car sharing to the Scope 1 from this fiscal year, as well as company-owned cars.
  • ・On the other hand, Scope 2 results decreased significantly due to the relocation of the head office and reduction in the number of floors used.

ⅱ.GHG emissions Scope 3

From this fiscal year, we started to calculate upstream and downstream emissions (Scope 3) in our value chains, going back to the previous fiscal year. To reduce emissions in the future, we plan to set reduction targets by understanding the emissions of the entire value chains.

【Calculation Targets】
BOT Lease Co., Ltd. and 76 consolidated subsidiaries (Note that the GHG emissions of consolidated subsidiaries are estimated from BOTL emissions by using such as the ratios of sales and number of employees between the subsidiaries and the headquarters.) 

Category CO2 emissions (t-CO2)
2021 2022 Increase/
1 Purchased products and services 123,103 134,875 11,772
2 Capital Goods 433 35 -398
3 Fuel and energy related activities not included in Scope 1 and 2 66 55 -11
4 Transport and distribution (upstream) 70 78 8
5 Waste from operations 297 121 -176
6 Business travel 108 185 77
7 Employer commuting 176 213 36
8 Leased assets (upstream) Not Applicable
9 Transport, delivery (downstream) 2,791 2,996 206
10 Processing of products sold Not Applicable
11 Use of products sold 12,502 5,956 -6,546
12 Disposal of products sold 16,976 20,792 3,816
13 Leased assets (downstream) 545,784 400,200 -145,584
14 Franchise Not Applicable
15 Investments 11,923 11,923 1
Total 714,229 577,430 -136,798
Scope 1, 2 and 3 Total 714,463 577,603 -136,859

ⅲ.GHG emissions from our investments and loan portfolio

On top of that, we also calculate the GHG emissions generated by the assets in our major investments and loan portfolio.

【Calculation Target】
Our portfolio of investments and loans related to Vessels, aircrafts, real estates, and rigs (offshore drilling rigs)

Results for fiscal 2021 and 2022

Investments and Loan CO2 emissions (t-CO2)
FY2021 FY2022 Increase/
Vessels 677,220 665,965 -11,255
Aircrafts 101,313 86,890 -14,423
Real estates 4,712 10,360 5,648
Rigs 65,787 0 -65,787
Total 849,032 763,215 -85,817

Related SDGs

4.Reduction of waste emissions and appropriate disposal through promotion of 3Rs among leased properties

We will curb waste emissions by increasing the re-lease transition rate of leased properties and promoting the 3Rs (sales of used products and materials). We will also dispose external waste appropriately in accordance with the laws.

Related SDGs

5.Adaptation to climate change

We will develop a BCP for climate change disasters and address any issues detected.

Related SDGs

Implementation Status of Environmental Targets for FY2022

Environmental Performance Report

We have been committed to continuous activities with the aim of reducing environmental impact and protecting the environment.

Changes in Electricity Consumption at Head Office

Electricity consumption at the headquarters in FY2022 was 286,489kw, approximately 27% decrease from FY2021.


FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2022/
Consumption 419,114 392,184 286,489 ▲27%

Head office OA paper usage (head office MFP/printer counts)

In FY2022, OA paper consumption at the head office decreased by approximately 29% compared to that of FY2021 due to the promotion of paperless operations.


FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2022/
Consumption 2,415,233 1,546,124 1,090,572 ▲29%

Consumables Expenses (Company-wide)

Our consumables purchases in FY2022 decreased by approximately 40% compared to that of FY2021 due to our promotion of the 3Rs among consumables expenses.
(FY2021 includes consumables purchase expenses related to the head office relocation.)

(1,000 JPY)

1,000 JPY FY2021 FY2022 FY2022/
Purchases 8,867 10,497 6.247 ▲40%
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