Operating Leasing


With this form of financing, the customer’s monthly payments are reduced since BOT Lease estimates, when creating the lease, what the fair market price of the leased asset will be at the end of the lease and deducts that amount from the asset price when calculating lease fees.

Scheme Diagrams



1. Financing Support

Since the fair market price at the end of the lease estimated arbitrarily by BOT Lease is deducted from the asset price, the customer’s monthly financial burden is reduced since lease fees at low compared to normal finance leasing.

2. Short-term Usage Support

Customers returning leased assets to BOT Lease at the end of the lease, they are not required to carry the expense of an equivalent fair market price. In addition, since customers only have a short-term usage fee, this scheme is optimal for machinery used to manufacture products with short life cycles and use of equipment in research and development that is determined by budget and period

3. Off-balance Support

Satisfying certain requirements established by accounting standards eliminates the need for customers to capitalize assets, limiting influence on financial indicators, etc

4. Paperwork Support

Customers can enjoy the same benefits associated with finance leasing, such as support for fixed asset tax return filing and payment, asset disposal procedure support, and tax reduction/subsidy system support.

Targeted Assets

Assets that are possible to sell in the second-hand market
Machine tools, forging press/sheet-metal machinery, mold injection machinery, printing machinery, civil engineering/construction machinery, transport equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, inspection and measurement systems, etc.
Note: Only medical equipment permitted by manufacturers can be leased since the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act requires safety assurance for such equipment.

Asset Ownership

BOT Lease(lessor)

Asset Management and Maintenance


Midterm Cancellation

Normally not permitted

Lease End Procedures

BOT Lease will send a lease expiration notice to the customer three months before the lease is scheduled to expire. Customers can select one of the options listed below regarding the handling of leased assets at the end of the lease period. If the assets are being returned, BOT Lease will sort valuable assets from waste materials and properly dispose of waste materials in accordance with environmental laws.

  • Secondary lease contract (when the assets will continue to be used)
  • Return the leased assets to the location specified by BOT Lease (when the assets will not continue to be used)
  • Purchase the asset(s) at the fair market price

Contact Information

Business Strategy Division(for scheme information)
Asset Solution Division (for information about lease end procedures)
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