Asset Liquidation SPC Management Services


BOT Lease provides a full lineup of SPC (Special Purpose Company) management services, including real estate securitization, receivables liquidation, and other finance schemes which utilize SPCs. In addition, we also accept partial business contracting.
Our SPC management services are highly regarded by customers because of the following characteristics:

Main Scheme,etc

SPC Management Services


1. Large Contracting Track Record

More than 20 years of contracting experience
More than 100 companies of SPC management track record

2. Established Business System

Experienced staff and organization made up of 53 people
Uniform business management using our proprietary system
Support system in collaboration with outside specialists (including lawyers, certified tax accountants, and certified public accountants)

Our company's SPC management background

Through utilization of SPCs for ship financing, aircraft financing, and other types of financing, BOT Lease has acquired SPC management know-how in the international leasing business.
Based on this experience and our track record, since the beginning of the 1990s we have continued to develop target businesses for ABCP (accounts receivable liquidation) scheme SPC management contracting followed by SPC management services related to real estate securitization, etc.
We are placing much effort into business systemization to provide high quality services as a bank affiliated leasing company.

Our company's SPC management background

Examples of how our company utilizes SPCs in financing

BOT Lease responds to an extensive variety of SPC management service needs.

1. Real Estate Securitization Limited Liability
Partnership Scheme
Special Purpose Company Scheme Corporation/
Anonymous Partnership
Limited Company/
Anonymous Partnership
2. Accounts Receivable Liquidation(ABCP/ABL Scheme) Accounts Receivable, Bills of Credit Medical Fee Receivables Other credits

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