Payment Entrustment
(advanced payment for customer)


Leases and installment purchases are designed for general equipment. However, purchase entrustment mainly involves fees for things other than equipment (monetary liabilities based on contracts including service contracts, sales contracts, and software usage agreements) which are paid to the sales company by BOT Lease on behalf of the customer.

Scheme Diagram

Payment Entrustment(advanced payment for customer)


1. Support for payments not handled through leases or installment purchases

Advanced payment is made on behalf of customers for liabilities stemming from things not handled though leases or installment purchases.

2. Financing Support

Businesses have flexibility in financing since they are able to retain their borrowing facility from financial institutions since this form of leasing has the same effect as long term fixed financing.

3. Repayment Schedule Leveling Support

In combination with the use of leases and installment payments allows for equal monthly payments which make investment planning easy.

Targeted Businesses

Businesses involved in interior finish work

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