Environment/Energy Business


We provide varieties of services, regardless of scale of business, like renewable energy power generation project (ex. solar power).
Also we offer financial services for energy saving equipment in offices, factories and stores, as well as leasing solutions utilizing subsidization scheme.

Our Strengths

1. Rich track record in the area of large-scale project financing

2. Syndication capability

3. Ability to provide global-level support

Main Transactions

Renewable energy power generation (ex. solar power, wind power, biomass fuel), cogeneration equipment, LEDs, and LNG tanks


Energy related businesses, general businesses that aim to improve energy efficiency (for factories, offices, stores, warehouses, hospitals, schools, hotels, etc.)

Financing Schemes

Project finance, corporate finance, equity, finance leasing, operating leasing, and payment entrustment

Available Subsidies

Ecolease Promotion Project for Homes and Businesses

Fixed Price System for Purchasing Renewable Energy

Contact Information

Structured Finance Division (Project finance)
Carbon Neutral Business Promotion Office (Lease)
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