FC Business
(Financing for multi-store businesses and franchises)


We provide all types of financing options for franchise business owners who are bringing in equipment, such as store furnishings, POS cash registers, kitchen equipment, and interior equipment, to support those customers to allow them to smoothly open new stores and remodel existing stores. BOT Lease is also able to respond to financing needs for intangible fixed assets, such as initial franchise fees and goodwill. In addition, we also provide consultations for overseas business advancement and energy savings for stores.

Our Strengths

1. Deep track records in the area of franchise business support (new locations)

2. Ability to support various financing needs
(including franchise fee and goodwill based financing) in addition to leasing.

3. Financing support for locations opened in Asia

Main Asset Types

Kitchen equipment, freezers, washers, POS equipment, ticket machines, display racks, surveillance cameras, interior/exterior equipment, etc.


Various types of retail businesses, convenience stores, restaurant chains, and fitness clubs

Financing Schemes

Finance leasing, right-to-purchase leasing, installment sales, and payment entrustment

Contact Information

Corporate Finance Division No.2
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