Health Care Business


In healthcare, financing is designed for two main categories: the medical field and nursing care field. For customers in the medical field, we provide leasing and financing for everything from medical equipment for hospitals, clinics, and other medical institutions, such as MRIs, CTs, and endoscopes, to beds, TVs, and other hospital furnishings. For the nursing care industry, we are working deeply in many areas to in response to our aging society by providing financing to nursing care equipment rental businesses and investments in nursing care businesses.

Our Strengths

1. Specialized business system for the medical field

2. Proactively involved in the nursing care business

3. Broad array of funding, overseas financing, building leasing,
and other services and deep track record for conducting related consultations

Main Asset Types

MRI and CT scanners, ultrasonographs, endoscopes, medical imaging and information systems, various types of analysis equipment, etc.


Hospitals, clinics, sellers/manufacturers of medical equipment, nursing home facility operators, and nursing care equipment rental businesses

Financing Schemes

Finance leasing, operating leasing, right-to-purchase leasing, installment sales, and factoring

Contact Information

Corporate Finance Division No.2
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