Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Hiroaki Fujisue Chief Executive Officer

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your continuous support.

Our 9th Medium-Term Business Plan, which started from April 2022, aims to further expand the existing leasing business and strengthen the financing capabilities based on asset value. In particular, we will focus on expanding financing business related to (i) real estate, (ii) aircraft and (iii) renewable energy and decarburizations.

In order to support the implementation of the Plan, in June 2022 we concluded Business and Capital Alliance Agreement with MUFG Bank, Ltd., the Norinchukin Bank and Tokyo Century Corporation, with the objectives of (i) enhancing capital base and (ii) strengthening risk acceptance capabilities through the strategic alliance. In line with the Agreement we issued new shares valued at ¥30 billion in total to the above alliance partners in October 2022.

The business environment we are in remain volatile and the global economy continues to face a high degree of uncertainty. We believe such uncertainty will inevitably increase the importance of asset based financing to assist the global move towards the circular economy. Under these circumstances, we have defined our corporate purpose to be "Collaborating with all stakeholders, we contribute to sustainable development of the society."

As a member of MUFG specializing in asset-based financing, with our asset-related know-how and collaborations with three strategic partners, we aspire to provide our customers with value-added solutions in response to our customers’ requests.

Your continued support will be most appreciated.

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