Global, onestop customer support

Whether it’s in Japan or overseas, BOT Lease has a seamless sales system established which means that we can provide consultations both in Japan or abroad regarding overseas business development and capital investment. No matter which option you choose, BOT Lease provides onestop, uniform service.

Global Businesses

1. What gives BOT Lease its global business strength?

  • BOT Lease was established as a lease company affiliated with The Bank of Tokyo (currently MUFG Bank) which was known for its strength in the business of international finance. A pioneer among Japanese leasing companies due to its advance overseas, BOT Lease started to expand its business operations overseas from the early 1980s.
  • Through many years of overseas business development, accumulation of business know-how, and providing steady service as a result of human resource development in each country, BOT Lease has become a trusted leasing company in each country it conducts business.
  • BOT Lease expands its business overseas from a global perspective, including ways regional companies look at business.
  • Existence of business partners, including business alliances both in Japan and overseas.
  • Together with its customers, BOT Lease seeks possibilities to provide financial services even in countries which it is not located.

2. BOT Lease's Five Global Businesses

Equipment Leasing & Financing We support customers in the investment decision process from a global perspective even in Japan by utilizing our seamless network of domestic and overseas locations rather than being limited to local options when customers are planning to make capital investments overseas
Sales Financing Financing needs increase when products are sold in overseas markets. Utilizing leasing and financing performance through BOT Lease’s overseas locations can reduce payback risk for receivables while receiving financial support.
Facility Leasing Offices for conducting market surveys and business locations for importing products are opened first before launching manufacturing locations when expanding overseas for the first time. We provide lease support for things that your business will require during this time, such as office furniture, IT devices, and vehicles by utilizing the power of our overseas locations.
Car Financing Vehicle registration systems, insurance systems, and used vehicle markets differ according to country. BOT Lease responds to customer needs by providing staff who are familiar with the systems of each country.
Asset-based Financing We provide financing involving ships, aircrafts, freight cars, semiconductor manufacturing systems, and other assets fields that form the global market, utilizing our strength for business risk analysis and asset valuation capabilities.

3. Equipment Leasing & Financing Business Scheme

“Overseas-Overseas” Lease Transactions

Lease transaction is conducted between customer’s overseas location and BOT Lease’s overseas location.

Lease Scheme

Although contract related matters can be completed at overseas locations, sometimes customers (such as head office staff in Japan) need to gain an understanding from a detailed explanation about the contract content. In this case, through collaboation with BOT Lease locations in Japan and overseas, one of our sales department branches in Japan or our Global Business Strategies Division will provide such customers with detailed information and guidance.

“Overseas-Domestic” Lease Transactions

Lease transaction is conducted between customer’s overseas location and BOT Lease (Japan).

Lease Scheme

This is a cross border financing scheme often used when customers exporting equipment in Japan to a local subsiduary overseas. Payment of equipment charges is completed in Japan, which shall serve as the principal which is reimbursed by the overseas location. As review of the customer’s overseas location will be conducted and a debt guarantee from the customer’s company (parent company) will be obtained when necessary. We provide careful advice regarding the handling of foreign currency transactions for deferred payment trade transactions for China (overseas borrowing facility, monitoring systems, etc.)

”Domestic-Domestic” Lease Transactions

Lease transaction is conducted between customer’s headquarters or branches in Japan and BOT Lease’s Headquarters or branches

Lease Scheme

This makes it possible to relocate equipment to a customer’s overseas locations by adding provisions to the contract created in Japan regarding consent for installing equipment overseas. In addition, this reduces administrative procedures normally required for exchange contracts since settlements are made in Japanese yen.

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