Asset-based Financing


Utilizing its global network, BOT Lease actively works at providing credit to customers for ships, aircraft, freight cars, construction machinery, and other major assets after considering the value of customer assets, rather than making decisions merely based on customer trustworthiness.

Scheme Diagram

Asset-based Financing (for ships, aircraft, freight cars, construction machinery, etc.)


1. Financing Support

In the transportation field, the second-hand market is worldwide. Accessing overseas markets produces an attractive financing method by expanding the evaluation of asset values.

2. Large Investment Support

For large assets, BOT Lease can make arrangements to organize a cooperative group of debt financing companies together with leasing companies and financial institutions.

3. Global Support

We provide support not only through the Japanese domestic market, but also through the Asian, European, and US markets.

Targeted Businesses

Ships, aircraft (including engines and parts), freight cars, and construction machinery, etc.

Contact Information

Ship & Marine Division (for ship inquiries)
Aviation Business Division (for aircraft fuselage, engine, and part inquiries)


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