Corporate Vision

The corporate vision


  • Collaborating with all stakeholders,  we  contribute to sustainable development of the society with our created new value.


  • We engage in high-value-added financial service business resiliently using our distinct skillsets and strong MUFG network.


  • 1. We serve our customers with mutual trust supported by our growing self-sustaining
        and sustainable corporate culture.
  • 2. We go beyond customers’ expectations by solving customers’ problems with foresights.
  • 3. We provide work environment where our employees achieve their purpose, pride and

9th Medium-Term Business Plan Strategy

In April 2022, we have started the 9th Medium-Term Business Plan to realize the " Vision / We engage in high-value-added financial service business resiliently using our distinct skillsets and strong MUFG network.".
We aim to further expand our leasing business and strengthen the financing capabilities based on asset value. In June 2022, we entered into a capital and business alliance agreement with MUFG Bank, Ltd., The Norinchukin Bank, and Tokyo Century Corporation, and by utilizing and cooperating with each company's management resources, including human resources, we aim to improve our risk-taking capabilities and enhance our (1) real estate, (2) aircraft, and (3) renewable energy and decarbonization business.
We will strive to achieve sustainable growth as an asset business player to support various needs of MUFG customers.

  • 1. Promote business based on SDGs materiality to realize a sustainable society
  • 2. Creation and promotion of a wide range of business opportunities through collaborating with MUFG
  • 3. Strengthening financial services capabilities through structured finance
  • 4. Create a business model by leveraging asset value
  • 5. Securing and developing professionals in line with strategies
  • 6. Improvement of mobility and business productivity in both offensive and defensive aspects
  • 7. Strengthening risk management and group governance by further fostering a risk culture
  • 8. Establishment and promotion of ESG management


The Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group holds to a MUFG Way as the basic policy in conducting our business activities, and provides guidelines for all group activities.
MUFG Way also is the foundation for management decisions, including the formulation of management strategies and management plans, and serves as the core value for all employees.
As a member of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, BOT Lease has adopted the following Code of Conduct of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group.


Empowering a brighter future.


  • 1.Integrity and Responsibility

  • 2.Professionalism and Teamwork

  • 3.Challenge and Agility


- Be the world’s most trusted financial group -

MUFG Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct encapsulates the standards that how MUFG group members should make decisions and act on our day-to-day business activities under the MUFG Way.

Chapter 1 Customer Focus

Our customers are at the center of everything we do, and should always be the focus of our thoughts. Our aim should be to win the trust and confidence of our customers at all times.
MUFG exists today because of the trust and confidence that customers have placed in us over many years.
Our role is to increase and strengthen this bedrock of trust and confidence. Our activities are not driven by the prospect of short-term gains. Instead, we look to build ongoing relationships with our customers to support their long-term growth.

  • Honesty and Integrity

  • Ensuring Quality

  • Exceeding Customer Expectations

Chapter 2 Responsibility as a Corporate Citizen

As we develop our business globally, we comply with all the domestic and international laws and rules that may apply. We do all we can to maintain stability and confidence in the global financial system, and we contribute to the sound and healthy growth of society.
Aware of the responsibility and accountability each of us has as a member of MUFG, we carry out fair and transparent corporate activities with honesty and integrity, in a manner that supports and strengthens the trust and confidence MUFG has earned from society over many years.

  • Adherence to Laws and Rules

  • Prevention of Financial Crime

  • Contributing to Society

Chapter 3 Behaviors in the Workplace

We strive to respond and adapt promptly to the diversifying and evolving needs of our customers and the rapidly changing environment in which we work. The working environment at MUFG fosters mutual respect, enables individuals to make the most of their abilities as professionals, and maximizes the power of teamwork across regions and different areas of business, encouraging all staff members to embrace new challenges.
We work always to protect and maintain the tangible and intangible assets and property that MUFG has accumulated.

  • Challenge and Agility

  • Collaborative and Professional
    Working Environment

  • Protecting MUFG’s Assets
    and Property

  • Reporting Problem Situations and Seeking Advice

Please see the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group website for details.
MUFG Group Code of Conduct

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