Buying and selling of Used Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment and Used Machinery


BOT Lease is involved in the purchase and sale of used semiconductor equipment, machine tools, and other machinery by utilizing its know-how related to dealing with various assets for many years in the leasing business. Our company has a vast network, particularly in the used semiconductor equipment field, which includes everyone from large device manufacturers in Japan to used equipment brokers overseas. This is what has led to our large track record in this area of business.

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1. Equipment Life Cycle Management Support

As product cycles are getting shorter, businesses are moving gravitating from manufacturing equipment ownership to equipment usage. It is possible to improve investment efficiency by not only leasing new equipment, but by selling existing idle equipment at just the right time to convert into cash. This serves as a strategy for equipment life cycle management.

2. Information Support

It is more advantageous to have as much information available as possible when selling used equipment. Please be sure to consult with BOT Lease when it is difficult for your company to sell used equipment at a high price due to having limited information.

3. Package Support

In addition to only purchasing equipment and machinery separately that have selling value, BOT Lease also purchases factory equipment and machines on a line-by-line basis, which have no resale value. After making a package purchase of such equipment, BOT Lease separates valuables from waste and properly disposes of the waste according to environmental laws.

Targeted Assets

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, machine tools, forge rolling machinery, sheet-metal machinery, mold injection machinery, civil engineering/construction machinery, buses, trucks, fork lifts, etc.

Secondhand Equipments Business License No.

No. 301049603449 (issued on 10/28/1996 by the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission)

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