Electronics Business


For a variety of situations, from factory establishment and expansion to closures, we can support both customers' financing needs as well as buying and selling of used equipment.
For customers with equipment financing needs, we offer a full menu of optimal financing options, such as operating leasing, synthetic leasing, and project financing.
We offer schemes for the liquidation of accounts receivable comply with International Financial Reporting Standards and similar options in order to provide detailed support for customers with working capital needs.
For used equipment trading, we focus primarily on buying and selling of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, from individual tools to complete manufacturing lines. We provide both "as is, where is" sales and start-up support.

Our Strengths

1. Ability to offer optimal services from our menu of financing options for customers

2. Ability to provide cost reductions to customers by utilizing our vast inventory of used equipment

3. Ability to comprehensively support financing with combination of sales of used equipment

Main Asset Types

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, LCD panel manufacturing equipment, LED manufacturing equipment, and photovoltaic systems


Semiconductor manufacturers, LCD panel manufacturers, LED manufacturers, and solar power businesses

Financing Schemes

Finance leasing, installment sales, right-to-purchase leasing, operating leasing, synthetic leasing, factory utilization rate based leasing, accounts receivable liquidation, trading for used semiconductor manufacturing equipment

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