Information/Communications Business


Financing in this category is designed for a wide range of equipment, including office IT equipment, large-scale data center equipment, communications equipment, communication base stations, and cable TV related equipment. We offer options including consultations for sales promotion methods which utilize our financing capabilities, and support for businesses expanding abroad. Our wealth of experience and quick response leave customers satisfied.

Our Strength

1. Ability to respond to customers quickly

2. Ability to make judgments based on our expertise

3. Ability to solve problems from a customer point of view

Main Asset Types

Computers, software, networks, communications equipment, CATV terminals, etc.


General businesses, system integrators, data center operators, communication companies, CATV companies, and call centers

Financing Schemes

Finance leasing, operating leasing, right-to-purchase leasing, program product leasing, installment sales, payment entrustment, and factoring

Contact Information

Global Business Strategies Division
TEL 03-3270-5275
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